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REMY MARTIN US Celebrates 50 Years Of Hip-Hop with the unveiling of the Vsop Mixtape Volume 3 Limited Edition and Mixtape Street Art Museum. The final installment of a limited-edition trilogy that celebrates the shared legacy of music and cognac, features a traveling art exhibit powered by A.R. technology, spotlighting some of hip-hop’s legendary Mixtape DJs.


Agency : Fred&Farid NYC

Creative Director : Laurent Leccia

Creative : Thomas Raillard

Illustrations : Xia Gordon

Animation : BUCK



The Mixtape Street Art Museum is a traveling augmented reality exhibit, showcasing the legacies of eight legendary DJs across five cities accros USA : New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago ans San Fransisco.

We channeled the DIY aesthetic of early mixtape culture, chopping up visuals as much as DJs do their music. We were drawn to a collaged feel — cutting, coloring, overlaying, distorting, and generally embracing the spirit of the early mixtape heyday through a contemporary lens.

Not only do DJs bring their unique stories when creating a mixtape, but the act of remixing samples rises from a rich history of Black music, as modern artists showcase their predecessors’ continuing influence on music history.

With Xia Gordon and Buck team, we alluded to the process of mixing by laying a path of collaged elements united by rhythm, movement, and style.


Capture d’écran 2023-12-06 à 16.42.21.png
Capture d’écran 2023-12-06 à 16.13.58.png

Prints and digital for the Rémy Martin V.S.O.P Limited Edition Mixtape V1 Bottle.



Agency : Fred&Farid NYC

Creative Director : Laurent Leccia

Creatives : Thomas Raillard, Laurent Leccia


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